Modules currently offered

As an alternative to purchasing one of the ready-made courses, you may like to consider an individually tailor-made course made up from the following modules. In this case, I would advise as to which modules could make up a coherent course.

If you don’t see what you want here, contact Penny Redwood to dicuss your needs.

In relation to dementia/older people/sensory impairment

  • main causes of dementia
  • understanding dementia
  • understanding behaviour and emotional distress
  • issues associated with becoming a carer
  • most common types of sight loss in older people
  • the basics of vision
  • dual sensory loss
  • most common types of hearing loss in older people
  • communication issues associated with sight loss/hearing loss/dementia
  • environmental factors associated with sight loss/hearing loss/dementia
  • tackling social isolation for older people/people with dementia/people with sensory impairment
  • resources and links
  • person-centred care, thinking and attitudes
  • mobility and access issues
  • life story work
  • learning disabilities and dementia
  • social and emotional isolation in older people/people with dementia

Train the trainer

Modules include:

  • developing meaningful aims and learning outcomes; constructive alignment
  • the importance of recognising different learning styles
  • the trainer’s toolkit – teacher-centred, student-centred and active methods of learning
  • course/workshop planning
  • the importance of reflection
  • assessment of participants on short courses
  • evaluating your practice