Webinar: Sight loss and dementia (Added 12/07/17 )

Event Date:
Thursday 10 August 2017
2-3pm. On computer and phone

Matt Broom is the CEO of VISION 2020 UK, the umbrella organisation that leads collaboration and co-operation between organisations with an interest in eye health and sight loss.

June Neil is the UK Training and Development Manager (Older People with complex needs) at the RNIB (The Royal National Institute of Blind People).

VISION 2020 UK has collaborative standing committees, involving a wide range of stakeholders, on both Dementia and Sight Loss & Learning Disabilities and Sight Loss.

Matt and June will talk about issues around loss of vision and dementia. This includes issues faced by patients, carers and those treating and aiding those with both conditions. They will also consider holistic health issues of people with Dementia as they often have multiple conditions.

Matt and June will also discuss the issues around learning disabilities and sight loss. People with a learning disability are 10 times more likely to have serious sight problems than other people and this is often under-diagnosed and undertreated.

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