• UK NEHS – national eye health and hearing study (Added 11/07/19 )

    The UK National Eye-Health and Hearing Study is a research study being developed to gather data to understand why people in the UK are losing their sight due to preventable causes, and why people continue to live with correctable visual impairment and hearing loss….more

  • Vision UK Dementia & Sight Loss FAQs (Added 11/07/19 )

    This document addresses some of the frequently asked questions that are asked by people affected by dementia and sight loss, their carers, and practitioners in dementia and vision services. The practical advice and information offered throughout this document has not…more

  • The College of Optometrists issues new patient factsheet as hay fever season arrives early (Added 1/05/19 )

    25 March 2019 Source: College of Optometrists With hay fever season arriving earlier, The College of Optometrists has issued a member-only patient factsheet detailing a step by step guide on eye drop instillation. The factsheet arrives as the College warns…more

  • Looking after your eyes – information resources for people with learning disabilities (Added 1/05/19 )

    10 April 2019 Source: SeeAbility Adults and children with learning disabilities are far more likely to have a serious sight problem than other people. Therefore, SeeAbility have created some useful information resources for adults and children with learning disabilities about looking…more

  • Retina UK: Sight loss survey 2019 (Added 1/05/19 )

    19 March 2019 Source: Retina UK This survey is your opportunity to tell Retina UK about your experiences of living with inherited sight loss. Retina UK want to find out more about how sight loss affects everyday life, what support and…more

  • How Alzheimer’s Disease Affects Vision and Perception (Added 24/04/19 )

    by Audrey Demmitt, RN and VisionAware Peer Advisor People with dementia can have difficulties with vision and perception which causes them to misinterpret the world. The process of seeing is complicated and there are many points where things can go wrong….more