Macular Society: “The counsellor helped me to contain the feelings of fear, anxiety, despair and helplessness I was experiencing” (Added 24/04/19 )

24 April 2019
Source: Macular Society


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“It is normal to experience powerful feelings after diagnosis and subsequent losses and changes. These deserve time, attention and thinking about. When we give our feelings space and time, the intensity lessens and we can get on with the business of living with macular disease.”

Norma contacted the Macular Society’s Counselling Service after feeling a profound sense of loss when she was diagnosed with macular disease. She has reflected on the process and how much she has mourned, but also what she has found.

“I am 71 years old and have wet macular degeneration in both eyes. As many people have described the onset can be quite sudden. I had just had an eye test, ordered new glasses the week previously and by the time I collected my new glasses I was aware something was terribly wrong with my vision. My optician instructed me to go to A&E at the eye hospital as soon as possible. The diagnosis and its implications were shocking. The second eye showed symptoms three months later, and I was prescribed injections in both eyes, five weekly for the left eye and ten for the right eye.

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