• Free webinar from Macular Society (Added 15/05/20 )

    Free patient webinar – Wednesday 13 May, 2pm Mike Burdon and Professor Andrew Lotery discuss treatment for macular conditions in the age of coronavirus: how patients are being kept safe, what to expect at the clinic, and how treatment might…more

  • Dementia and Self Management Booklet (Added 15/05/20 )

    A peer-to-peer resource written and researched by the Scottish Dementia Alumni, a group of people who have each been living with different diagnoses of dementia for over ten years. Download booklet and watch video here: https://www.lifechangestrust.org.uk/project/dementia-and-self-management  

  • Transforming the Deaf Dementia Experience: Grieving and Bereavement (Added 15/05/20 )

    New video from BDA (British deaf Association): https://tinyurl.com/y77ub4kh      

  • Transforming the Deaf Dementia Experience Project (Added 15/05/20 )

    The BDA (British Deaf Association) has developed a community interest initiative that supports deaf people living with dementia and their carers. The project aims to promote a better understanding of dementia by developing accessible resources, information, and toolkits in British…more

  • International team delivers research breakthrough for leading cause of blindness (Added 24/03/20 )

    7 February 2020 Source: Queen Mary University of London Researchers have identified a new protein linked to age-related macular degeneration (AMD) that could offer new hope for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, which affects over 600,000 people in…more

  • Simplyhealth supports counselling service for people devastated by sight loss (Added 24/03/20 )

    6 February 2020 Source: Macular Society Simplyhealth has once again provided vital funding towards the Macular Society’s counselling service for the next two years, to help people with macular disease access the emotional support which can help them come to…more